Several weeks ago, in another post, I can't remember which one, I removed two paragraphs because I realized it didn't fit with the rest of what I was writing.  I held onto those two paragraphs until I had another day to dig deeper into it.  And when I opened up the Word document to jog… Continue reading Connection


What To Do When She is Pregnant, and You Are Not

I hesitate to write this post because, full disclosure, I have people in my life who are pregnant right now, and I didn't want them to feel like I was singling them out or directing this post towards them in any way.  But, coincidentally, I've had a lot of conversations with friends who are in… Continue reading What To Do When She is Pregnant, and You Are Not

My Adventure to the Drug Store

Usually, I buy my pregnancy tests and all things ovulation related from Amazon. SPOILERS: I am not pregnant.  This is not that post. Let's continue. Lately, my cycles have been predictable, even leading up to the cycle, I know I'm not pregnant.  My body is really good at making that clear. Until this month. Now,… Continue reading My Adventure to the Drug Store