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Your Voice Matters

I struggle at times with my voice.  Does my writing or posting or creating really matter?

Most of the time, I write because I’m passionate about what I am writing.  Whether it’s faith studies, books, pregnancy loss, mental health, or anything that challenges me or brings a smile to my face.  I love sharing hope and challenge with other people because I love reading about those same things. 

Then, the wave starts to crash.  I forget my purpose and my passion and get engulfed by the numbers and statistics.  I convince myself that others have a better way of saying the same things I say, and I’m just shouting into the ether.

But here is the truth.  Whatever you are creating, however you are creating it, your voice matters.  People need your perspective.  They need the nuance of your words.  They need to know that they aren’t alone.

It’s easy to feel alone.  It’s what the powers of evil want you to feel.  That you are the only one.  That no one hears you.  That there is not enough space to move and speak into the ways God has created you to move and speak.

But here is the truth.  You are made in the image of God.  God is a creator, so it makes sense that you have a desire to create things as well. 

There is a lie out there that says we live in scarcity.  That we have to claw and fight for every moment to prove our worth.  It is such a slippery slope of hurt and depression that could even lead to tactics that don’t reflect who you really are.

But here is the truth.  We live in an abundance of Godly provision.  And we need to trust that His provision is enough.  We are enough.  We can share the love of God, the passion of our life freely and wholly.  We can encourage the voices around us without fear that our own voices will be lost.  There is room for all at the table.

I don’t know about you, but I needed to hear these words.  I refuse to believe I’m shouting into an abyss.  I trust in the Spirit of God who created me to create.  I trust in abundance and not scarcity.  I choose to amplify and encourage the voices around me as well as share my own voice.  I am not alone, and you aren’t either.  Together we can share the passionate voices we were given by our Creator.