A Night Out to see John Crist!

Michael and I have been really grateful to be able to get out on a few date nights these first months of Sam’s life, thanks to friends and family.  This past weekend, we were out way past our bedtimes so that we could see one of my favorite Christian Youtubers live.


John Crist.  He’s hilarious.  If you haven’t seen his stuff on Youtube, here’s one of my many favorites:

His set was really funny.  It pokes a little fun at Christian life and some of the things we say and do.  There were 6000 people there.  It sold out in only a few weeks.  wp-1539112031617..jpg

My favorite part is when the DJ would start playing a song and then we had to finish the phrase.  It started out with some Christian hits (Good, Good Father) and then they threw in a Biggie rap song.  When the audience easily finished that lyric too, Crist joked that there must be some testimonies in the audience tonight.  It was so fun.

It was a great night.  Michael and I even got shirts, which I never buy merch, so that was pretty big for me as well.  We paid for it the next day with lots of nap times, but it was so, so worth it.

If you have a chance to see him, I would highly recommend it!