Christmas Tidbits

Michael and I had a really lovely Christmas.  I’m so thankful that my mother-in-law was able to travel down here from Arkansas to spend time with us.  It was a really special visit.

Here are some things we did.

On Christmas Eve, we took a picture in front of the tree in the church foyer.


Then, Christmas morning, I woke up early to stuff the stockings and arrange everything.


Once everyone woke up, we had a breakfast with eggs, sausage and cinnamon rolls.


Then, we opened presents.  I didn’t get pictures of the humans opening presents, but I did get the dogs opening their treats from their stockings (which were a bit blurry because, you know, dogs).  I loved Teddy’s Naughty cookie.  It was pretty spot on for him.

While I was making dinner, I set out these penguin appetizers.  I found a picture on Pinterest and thought they would be perfect.


Then, it was feast time.  Prime Rib roast with potatoes and carrots, sprouts, and rolls.  It turned out really well.


And finally, we ended the night playing a few board games, including Splendor (pictured) and Machi Koro.  20171225_191047

It was a wonderful visit with very little stress (even the meal prep and cooking went smoothly).  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day with their friends and family.