I love you, Mom!

This is a particularly awesome week for my family.  Just two days ago, we celebrated my amazing brother’s birthday.  Today, it’s my mom’s birthday!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

My mom is fabulous.  She is one of the most hard-working, generous, caring people that I know.  She has been my cheerleader, supporter, protector and mentor throughout my life.  She taught me to see all sides of a person, to understand every perspective of a problem, and to embrace integrity and honesty over beauty and brains.

She taught me that above all else, a life serving God was the only life that was worth it.  Everything else fades.  She allows me to be an individual, even if she doesn’t agree with my choices.  I can’t be thankful enough for that acceptance.

Happy Birthday to my amazing mom!


National Brother Day!

Ok, it’s not really National Brother Day, but it is my younger brother’s birthday today!

I just wanted to take a moment to brag on how awesome he really is.  He’s the kind of guy that would take the shirt off his back for a stranger.  He’s served with the Army Reserves in Afghanistan.  He’s worked as an EMT, and now, he’s in college studying medicine.  He’s simply amazing.

He always has a way of bringing things back into perspective for me.  We lived together for a couple years before I got married, and I miss our late night conversations about life.  One of my favorite quotes from one of those conversations was (and I’m paraphrasing) – “Celebrities are just like us.  They just happen to make a little more money.  If I don’t really care about what my neighbor is wearing today, why in the world would I care what some girl or guy in California is wearing?”

Happy Birthday, Brother!

Hosting the Holidays!

I love Easter, and it’s different because it’s one of the holidays that we spend with friends instead of family.  The closest family to us is about six hours away, so it’s hard to travel in such a short period of time, especially since it is busy season for my husband.  The first few Easters we lived here, we spent celebrating alone.  After we bought our house, we made the decision to use this house to host and reach out to others.  So, for Easter, we host to other people in our lives who live too far away from family to celebrate this holiday with them. Continue reading