Another Family Visit

This past weekend, my mother in law came down for a visit.  It was so nice to see her and watch her interact with our son.  I’m so grateful that we have such loving grandparents on both sides of our family.

The only downside was that it rained for most of the visit.  All the outdoor activities that we planned had to be canceled.

So, that meant we took another trip to IKEA!  People, this is my place.  We are making a few changes (all stemming from a growing and curious boy) in the layout of our home, so this is a store (and website) that I am frequenting lately.  I went with my parents back in September, but this time Michael was able to join in the fun.  No pictures yet, but soon, my friends.  Soon.

We also went to a Half Price books (well, we went to two this weekend, one of them after his mom left).  We have several in the DFW area, and I always seem to find something to purchase, whether for me or for Sam.

I found this book, which I originally saw in a baby store and really wanted to get it.  So, I put it on a TBB (To Be Bought) list on Amazon.  THEN, I found it at Half Price books at a major discount.  Score!  I would love to get more of this series.  He really loves this one.


And for myself, I purchased this puzzle that I am hoping to frame and put up in my office/library (one of the places getting an upgrade).  A 1000 piece set is more of a challenge for me since I don’t do these very often, but it seems a little easier?  I guess we shall see!


Of course, Michael’s mom doted on Sam the whole weekend.  It was lovely to see the two interact (especially when Mimi was trying to encourage Sam to crawl).  I look forward to spending more time with family during the holidays.  I can’t believe it’s just around the corner!


Christmas Kick-off With My Parents

This past weekend, I got to spend time with my parents for Christmas.  They live in Georgia, far away from here in Dallas, TX, so it’s always a treat to get to spend some time with them.   We had so much fun, but unfortunately, I didn’t get many pictures.

So, first, they came to my 16-week ultrasound appointment, which I will talk more about on my Friday update video.  I will probably say this again on Friday, but this was such a special thing for me.  None of my family (except Michael, of course) have been able to attend an ultrasound appointment for any of my pregnancies.  So this was pretty awesome.

Then, we decorated for Christmas.  Teddy helped test the lights.


And we managed to get the tree and mantle done by that first evening so we could have Christmas the next morning (since they won’t be here for Christmas this year because this year is my in-laws’ turn for Christmas).


(The fire wasn’t on because it was so hot this weekend – highs were in the upper 70s)  The next morning, we stayed in our pajamas, exchanged presents, and had hot cocoa and pancakes.  All wonderful traditions for our family.

We went to Downtown McKinney, but I completely forgot to take out my phone to take pictures.  This is probably one of my favorite downtown areas in the DFW metroplex, especially at Christmas.  I know I plan to go back sometime this month so I will try to take some pictures, then.

We also saw Murder on the Orient Express, which I might do a separate post about.  My mom is a big mystery fan.  She has read pretty much all of Agatha Christie’s stories, so this was a real treat to watch this with her.

Then, on Sunday, we went to church that morning.  And then that evening, we watched an adorable musical.  One of the kids in the chorus is my best friend’s son (and surrogate nephew).  This was his first musical, and he did so well!


Most of the rest of their visit was doing Christmas-y things at home.  My mom was so kind to make one of our traditional Christmas desserts, boiled custard (which she shared a bit of the finished product with the dogs).


She had them eating out of her hand, literally!  They may be moping around today, wondering where the fun humans went.

It was amazing to see my parents for the time they were here.  I don’t get a lot of opportunities to see them throughout the year, which makes this holiday season extra special.  It was the perfect way to kick-off Christmas this year!

Our Eighth Walk

This past Saturday, Michael and I attended our eighth Walk to End Alzheimer’s here in Dallas.  Last year’s recap can be found here.



I say “attended” because I didn’t actually walk this year.  Since I’m in a high-risk pregnancy and have been dealing with a lot of morning sickness, we thought it would be best if I sat this one out.  I became the place where everyone would meet, left their valuables, and took pictures together.

I say “everyone” because we had quite a team this year.  Michael’s coworkers formed a big part of our team.  We were so happy that so many were able to come and support us.


Also, Michael’s mom and her friend came (friend not pictured).  We were so happy she was able to come as well.  She also plans to walk in the Alzheimer Walk in her home state later this year.  It really made this weekend special!


Of course, I didn’t sit alone!  Jerzee came along as well!  I can’t remember how many walks this will be for her, but she has been to most of them throughout the years!  She even wore her bandana she got last year.


One of my favorite parts of the opening ceremony is when we all raise our flowers for Alzheimer’s.  Each color represents a different category.  Yellow flowers are the ones who are caretakers.  Blue flowers are the ones who have Alzheimer’s.  Purple ones have lost someone to Alzheimer’s.  And Orange ones are for those who are advocates or supporters.


Because of all the support from friends and family, we made our team goal, plus some!  And I also made my personal goal (plus some) as well!  We are so thankful for your thoughts, prayers, donations, and supportive comments.  We are determined to find a cure for this horrible disease as well as help advocate for the care of those already dealing with this disease.  Thank you for all of your support!

Our 2017 Labor Day


Since last week was a rough one for us, we intentionally decided to not make plans for Labor Day.  In holidays past, we would visit family or have friends over, but this year, we just wanted to have a day in.

One of the unique things (at least to me) of living in Texas is from Memorial Day to Labor Day, there are flags at the entrances of all the neighborhoods.  I took advantage of the beautiful day by walking around the neighborhoods and trails near our house.20170904_114215

And then, in the evening, Michael grilled out with hamburgers.  While I hung out with the pups in the backyard.



So, we had a laid-back, chill evening just with our little family.  Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day!

I love you, Mom!

This is a particularly awesome week for my family.  Just two days ago, we celebrated my amazing brother’s birthday.  Today, it’s my mom’s birthday!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

My mom is fabulous.  She is one of the most hard-working, generous, caring people that I know.  She has been my cheerleader, supporter, protector and mentor throughout my life.  She taught me to see all sides of a person, to understand every perspective of a problem, and to embrace integrity and honesty over beauty and brains.

She taught me that above all else, a life serving God was the only life that was worth it.  Everything else fades.  She allows me to be an individual, even if she doesn’t agree with my choices.  I can’t be thankful enough for that acceptance.

Happy Birthday to my amazing mom!

National Brother Day!

Ok, it’s not really National Brother Day, but it is my younger brother’s birthday today!

I just wanted to take a moment to brag on how awesome he really is.  He’s the kind of guy that would take the shirt off his back for a stranger.  He’s served with the Army Reserves in Afghanistan.  He’s worked as an EMT, and now, he’s in college studying medicine.  He’s simply amazing.

He always has a way of bringing things back into perspective for me.  We lived together for a couple years before I got married, and I miss our late night conversations about life.  One of my favorite quotes from one of those conversations was (and I’m paraphrasing) – “Celebrities are just like us.  They just happen to make a little more money.  If I don’t really care about what my neighbor is wearing today, why in the world would I care what some girl or guy in California is wearing?”

Happy Birthday, Brother!

Hosting the Holidays!

I love Easter, and it’s different because it’s one of the holidays that we spend with friends instead of family.  The closest family to us is about six hours away, so it’s hard to travel in such a short period of time, especially since it is busy season for my husband.  The first few Easters we lived here, we spent celebrating alone.  After we bought our house, we made the decision to use this house to host and reach out to others.  So, for Easter, we host to other people in our lives who live too far away from family to celebrate this holiday with them. Continue reading “Hosting the Holidays!”