My 2017 Summer Wardrobe

Tomorrow is the first day of Summer, and I’ve been preparing by sifting through my current wardrobe to just my favorite pieces, the ones I have and will wear over and over again.  Now, there are a few things you may need to know about me before I share my summer wardrobe.

  1. I pack away most of my winter wardrobe so that I can easily see what I have available currently during the summer.
  2. I am still a bit of a minimalist when it comes to clothes because I tend to get overwhelmed with too many options.  It takes me forever to add pieces to this wardrobe because I’m so picky with my style.

That being said, here is my present summer wardrobe.  I will probably add one or two more pieces over the summer.  As I share, I will let you know what other pieces I hope to add this year.


Ok, so here’s the present look of my closet.  I organized this closet some time ago, and I thought I did a post on it, but I can’t seem to find that post, so I’ll share a little of that here as well.


I’m going to move from right to left, so first, I have my workout/yoga/walking tops.  I have acquired these from various places, but I love the racerback tank so much that if I find one on sale, I usually buy it.  Every morning, I lay one out with my favorite sports bra and a pair of yoga or running pants or capris.  Then, if I’m staying home, I will trade out the top for a t-shirt after my workout and shower.


All of my “going out” shirts are hung by sleeve order.  I have all of my short sleeve shirts first.  This white lace shirt is older than the other two, which I shared in my May Favorites, but I’m a sucker for lace, as you will soon see.  (P.S. I am loving the new cold shoulder trend this year.  I may be looking for a few more of those to add to my collection).


Then, I have my sleeveless shirts and cardigan sets.  I wear cardigans in case the A/C is blasting wherever I’m going.  And it usually is here in Texas.  The gray-green cardigan looks like it would be too warm.  I thought it would be too when I ordered it last fall.  It’s thinner than it looks, which didn’t keep me warm during the winter, unfortunately, but it’s a great addition to the spring and summer!  Also, I like to pair the tan and white combo with my capris.  It feels very boho to me (which is the style I tend to lean towards, anyway).

I only have two dresses in my collection, although I’m hoping to add one more this summer.  I love the lace black dress (which I wore to Del Frisco’s last Saturday) and the orange lace dress is fun and comfortable.  I’m looking for a maxi dress to add, and I think I’ve found it, but we shall see.  I’m not big on shorter dresses because the wind here can get crazy.


While I do have clothes in my dresser drawers as well, I like to keep my lounge and yoga pants, as well as my t-shirts and tanks within arms-reach in my closet.  I also keep hats, long-sleeved undershirts and work clothes (like gardening clothes) in the closet as well.  Everything is, of course, obsessively labeled.  (By the way, the colorful hat box?  It holds Lush products whenever I buy them)

And finally, my shoes are placed above my clothes.  I have one pair of walking shoes that I may need to replace.  I also have two pairs of sandals, several slip-on shoes, and a pair of distressed Converse shoes (my favorite).  Also, my duck boots for rainy days and some slippers and flip flops.  Notice I don’t wear heels because ain’t nobody got no time for dat.

So, with the exception of a few pieces that I hope to add to my collection, this is my wardrobe for this summer.  Even though I don’t have a closet full of clothes due to my minimalistic nature, I still enjoy fashion and look forward to wearing these pieces all season!