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Gordon, The Foster Dog

This is Gordon.


Gordon was adopted but then surrendered again.  So, the SPCA behaviorist asked me to take Gordon on as a foster to see how he does in the home.  The surrendering family said that he had problems with housetraining.  He is afraid to go outside so I could see how this might be a problem

But he did great in our home!  Granted, he mostly just wanted to snuggle on the couch (and by snuggle, I mean practically laying on top of me while I was on the computer!).


But he did go outside and potty.  And he never made a mess inside!  You do have to prod him with a leash to go outside, but he started getting the idea pretty quickly that if he went to the bathroom, then we could go back inside and snuggle.

He got along with my pups as well.  They loved taking naps together.


He was a big dog, but so sweet and gentle.  He will make a great addition to any family!


The Streak is Still On!

So every dog that I have fostered has gotten adopted so far, after being fostered in our home (meaning they didn’t have to go out to another foster or anything).  I thought this streak was going to end with Shayla, the foster I had a couple months ago, but she was adopted in the last week!


The family who adopted her have another active dog, which Shayla really doesn’t care about, but it will give the family another dog to fill in the affection void while Shayla warms up to them.  I know she is capable of great love and I’m so happy she is finally home!

A Rowdy Foster

So, I have another foster.


At the shelter, he is super stressed.  He’s lost weight, and he shakes all the time.  The only exception is when he is outside.  He loves to play with other pups and runs around.  He’s like a different dog.


He’s pretty playful here, both inside and outside.  We have a lower energy level here, so it gives him space to orient himself.  Although he still prefers outside where he can run, he is progressing pretty well.

He’s still not a snuggle baby yet, but he gives us kisses when we feed him or change his water.  He feels comfortable hanging out in the living room, and will follow Michael and I at a distance.  I hope by the end of his stay, he will feel more comfortable interacting with humans.  That’s the point after all!

Have you every worked with a skittish dog?

Foster Number Five!

Is it weird that Mambo Number Five got in my head when I started writing the title for this post?  Is it weird that I started changing the words to fit with my fosters?  “A little bit of terrier in my life, a little bit of Labrador by my side…”  Ok, I will stop now.

So, before we headed to Washington D.C., I kept a new foster for five days.  He is a chunky rat terrier mix that never wants to slow down for anything.  But he’s super cute, so it balances.


By the way, getting a picture of him as incredibly hard because he never wanted to sit still.  And I love the bow tie the a volunteer made for him.  Bow ties are cool.

Anyway, in my foster post, I mentioned that we keep fosters for different reasons.  This particular foster was marking (aka making piddles) all over his cage and possibly on a couple of staff and volunteers.  They checked him out medically, and he seemed fine, so they wanted me to keep him to see how he would do in a home.

He did mark the first night he got here, but that’s kind of normal for a stressed dog who marks that undergoes yet another change in his life.  And out of the five days, he only made one other small accident.  Overall, he was a great dog.  He loved playing in our backyard more than anything else with our dogs.  And when he wanted to take a break, he would just jump in our lap and give us kisses.

It just breaks my heart to see dogs stress out so much that it surfaces in behavior issues.  I’m so glad they gave me the opportunity to give him a bit of a break from the shelter.  I look forward to seeing him go to his forever home soon!