Recent Happenings

In my last post, I mentioned that January is usually the slowest month of our year, although this first week hasn’t really been an indication of that.  I suppose most of the weekdays are pretty quiet in this house, but this past weekend was filled with activity.  I took Tuesday to just rest and recalibrate.

So here are some of the things we did.

Friday night, we were invited to a pizza and game night party, where we made our own pizzas.  This was so much fun!  I really enjoyed helping to make the pizzas and getting to know some of the people at the party I had never met!




Then, Saturday morning, I was invited to go see the movie, I, Tonya at the Alamo Drafthouse with a group of girls.


I had a few takeaways from the movie.  The domestic abuse made me really uncomfortable, and I wouldn’t recommend people who have first-hand experience of domestic abuse to watch the movie.  Also, the role that the media played in this girl’s life was cringe-worthy.  I could just make media the bad guy, but even now, how many people would be ready to whip out their phones in hopes of views on their accounts?  In one of the statements made in the movie, Tonya had accused everyone in her life of abusing her, then turned the tables on everyone viewing the movie, and accused them of adding to the abuse.

Sunday, we had our last “in home” meeting for our missional community.  We are doing a trial run of combining both house churches in Dallas into one big gathering, which starts next week.  Michael and I have been a part of this house church for about two and a half years.  I’m looking forward to seeing what this new year will bring.

But my weekend didn’t stop there.  Michael and I got invited to a coloring and figure painting party at a friend’s house on Monday night.  I felt like such a cool kid to be out on a weeknight, even though I started to fade about 8:15pm.  Still, I had so much fun and laughed so hard.  I love being with people that make me smile.


Needless to say, I took some much-needed downtime yesterday, and hope I have a little more downtime today as well.  This pregnancy energy level is no joke.  Most of my energy comes in the morning and I sputter out about 8 every night.  I’m so grateful to have friends who have been understanding and patient with me.  I’m sure it will only get more complicated with the baby is born.  So we will try to take advantage of friend time as much as we can!

How was your weekend?


Games and Ghosts

This weekend, we played board games Saturday afternoon and Sunday night at two different events.


I won the game Saturday afternoon (we played 7 Wonders).  And I learned a new game called Chrononauts on Sunday which I lost, but now that I think I’ve figured out the rules, I want to play it again.


Saturday night, Michael and I went on the McKinney Ghost Walk.  From everything I read about this event, it seemed like it would be more like a history of the area.  At first, that’s what it seemed like.  Basically, we walk to different locations and listened to storytellers, telling the stories of the buildings in downtown McKinney.  It’s self-paced, but it still took a while to get from one place to another, and about midway through the tour, we decided to stop and eat at the Celt (which was one of the stops on the route anyway).  It was pretty packed, so by the time we got done, we opted to go to one more stop.

We went to the Performing Arts Center, which was the old courthouse in the middle of the downtown square.  Before we went to dinner, some of the volunteers told us that there was a short video inside that showcased a lot of the different places on the route.  So when we realized how late it was getting, we thought it would be a good idea to go see the movie instead of trying to get to all of the stops.

But the video was not about the history of these places.  Instead, it was a video showcasing the local paranormal group, Texpart.  They showed all of the equipment they used and then showed a video of things they picked up using the equipment.  It was like an interactive ghost hunters episode.  Not really what we thought it was going to be, but it wasn’t bad.  Next year, we will probably go again, so we can go to the locations we missed.  It’s very kid friendly, and if you go early, most of it is in the daylight.  It is about ghosts, though, so I would rate definitely PG-13.

Also, if you don’t know, or you aren’t subscribed, I posted about these experiences on my vlog channel on YouTube.  The latest one was about the Ghost Walk and the board games (as well as a little mishap Sunday night).

On another note, for Halloween, Jerzee wore a Wonder Woman dog shirt.  We decided she dressed as a comic book fangirl.  Either way, she’s totally cute.


Do you have any traditions for Halloween?

Are there any board games you like to play?