Going to Downtown McKinney


I’ve talked about Downtown McKinney before in my blog.  It’s probably my favorite place in the DFW area.  I like the food here, the people.  It’s just a great place all around.  It’s also a great place to take pictures, and just down the road, they have a wonderful farmer’s market.

But recently, I headed to this area to check out their home decor.

I went to several of the shops, and if I’m honest, a lot of them were repetitive.  And a lot of them were like walking through an Etsy shop, but like the same one over and over again.  Halloween decor was starting to show up on the shelves, and this pillow was in at least two, maybe three of the stores – for the same 12 dollar price.12915

Of course, I love the pillow and the reference, just disappointed about the lack of variety in a lot of these stores.  But I did find some stores that stood out from the rest.


The Antique Company Mall felt a lot like a mercantile or a flea market where the sellers own booths to sell their stuff.  A lot of it didn’t really seem antique, more trendy antique, if that makes sense.


I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to really search through this particular store, but I’m hopeful that you might find one of a kind finds buried somewhere in this place.  There was a first edition or signed books section in the very back, though none of the books really stood out to me, personally.  It was still a cool place to peruse.

Another store I enjoyed walking through was My Favorite Room.  The name of the store, again, pulled me in, but I enjoyed this store more than most of the ones I had visited that day.

It was gorgeous, with grays and creams outfitting most of the decor.  There were linens in the back and these sewing mannequins everywhere in various states of decorative disrepair.  The only downside, like a lot of these stores, was that it was way too expensive.  I suppose one of the reasons that everything is priced high-end is because the rent for these spaces is expensive as well.  But I was afraid to touch anything in this store.


This sign pulled me into the store because I love a lot of European decors, especially French or Italian influence, and this store did not disappoint. There were a lot of big pieces but none of it seemed like the other stores.  There were survey maps of England in the back.  And the store smelled amazing (they sell the candles that you smell).  The downside is that the amount of stock seems limited and high priced, but there were a lot of great finds.  The only picture I took was of the French pots in the window because I plan to go back for a few of them to put on my herb garden on my windowsill.



And I plan to go back soon, anyway, because as I was walking through the stores, I came across Eclair Bistro that has a jazz club inside!  I’ve never been to one, so I’m hoping to convince Michael to take me soon.


Despite the overpriced items and the repetitive products, I still thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Downtown Mckinney.  Every store I walked into, I was greeted by the people who work there.  They really seem to have a passion for their stores and the things that they sell.  I hope to visit other downtown areas in DFW in the near future, but this is still one of my happy places!


Decorating for Spring

St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday and the first day of Spring is right around the corner, so I thought I would share a couple of my favorite pieces of decoration for this time of year.


All of my pieces were DIY projects that I have made over the years.  The framed Irish blessing was the first thing I made to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day.  And the jar covered in burlap and lace was the last thing I made (I think it was one or two years ago).  Funny that the first and last things I made for the holiday are my favorite!


Speaking of firsts, I believe this is the first wreath I made for our home.  It was super simple and held up well over the years.  The coloring isn’t perfect in this picture, but the yellow V goes well with the green burlap of the wreath.

Do you have any favorite spring time decor?  

Are you ready for the spring? I kind of wanted a little more snow (or any for that matter) before springtime came, but I can’t complain for the really nice weather we have had this winter!  It’s been great weather for hiking and spending time outside (despite a few weeks of rain here or there).

Finally Done!

So, for one of my new year goals for 2015, I wanted to finish some projects in my master bedroom.  And now I’ve finally finished and taken pictures to show you!

So, the first thing I completed was my drawer organization.  I bought all of the baskets from Target, and I organized the sock drawer, underwear drawer and pajama drawer20151217_123843.jpg

The next thing I worked on was updating the bedding for our bed.  My pup is nicely modeling for us as well.  I finally got a duvet insert and cover, something I have been wanting to buy for years.  I also got holiday pillows for the bed.  I plan to get another cover for the spring and summer time, but that will be something for next year!


This is the final project I worked on.  Each picture represents a year we have been together.  I had fallen behind on the frames the last couple of years, but now I’m all caught up and have a plan for the next ten. 🙂

Did you accomplish any goals/projects this year?


Decorating for Thanksgiving

I want to show you a few pieces from my Thanksgiving décor, but first, I think it’s pretty obvious that Thanksgiving gets lost among the Halloween and Christmas decorations in the stores.  In one of the local Walmart stores, I think it managed to get an end cap in the crafting section.  And I kind of have a heart for the little guy, the overlooked, so that’s probably why I’m pretty stubborn about waiting until after Thanksgiving day to actually pull out the Christmas decorations.  I just want the holiday to have a moment in the sun.

So here are some of the pieces I put out this year.




Just like Halloween, I think all of these are from Hobby Lobby, although I’m not sure where I got the bottles on the mantle.  I like the theme of scarecrows and pumpkins because it represents the harvest and provision that God gives to us in our lives.

Also, there aren’t a whole of songs about Thanksgiving.  But in one of my old children’s songbooks, I actually found one!  So I’m playing it on the piano this month to celebrate the holiday.


Do you decorate for Thanksgiving, or is it straight from Halloween to Christmas?  Do you have any songs for Thanksgiving that I can add?

Kitchen Project!

A contractor lived in our house before we did, so we have had it pretty easy with the home care part of home ownership.  I mean, we bought the house because it had a doggie door installed into the wall next to the back door!  Slowly, over the past six years, we have made our house more of our home, adding little things expressions of our own creativity and personality.  One of the biggest projects we have done was to redo our kitchen.

002 - Move In

This was our kitchen when we bought it.  We love all the storage and counter space that this kitchen provides, but it was a little darker than we preferred.  So we painted it yellow.

002a - One Year

This has been pretty much what our kitchen has looked like for the last five and a half years.  We kept talking about changing the look just a little more, but travel opportunities or other projects took precedent, so we just kept putting it off.  Then, on Mother’s Day weekend this year, we took the plunge and changed the cabinets.


Of course, this was just part one of the change we wanted to do.  We also wanted to change the countertops.


I wanted to have a darker countertop so that it will be more forgiving on future messes in the kitchen.  Michael did the majority of the work on this project.  I mostly just took off doors or cleared off surfaces.  He has a pretty artistic eye for detail, and did a great job.  We used the Rustoleum Cabinet and Countertop Transformation kits.  The exact kinds we used are below:

Cabinets in Antique Glaze http://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/transformations/cabinet-transformations-light-kit

Countertops in Java Stone http://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/transformations/countertop-transformations

Have you ever done a major redesign of your kitchen?  Have you ever used the transformation kits?