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Turning the Office Into a Library

I have always had a list of things that I’ve wanted to do in our house.  Lately, Michael and I have been watching seasons of Fixer Upper since it showed up on Hulu, and that has sparked some conversations between whether or not we wanted to move or focus on renovating in our current home.  After a lot of thought, and a lot of time on Zillow and Houzz, we decided to stay where we are for now and focus our energy here.

So, Michael told me that I need to create a bucket list of things I want to do to the house.  A lot of it will require some research and planning, but one thing was just going to require some elbow grease and rearranging.  And that was moving the bookshelves upstairs into my office and creating a library.

This room has gone through a lot of transitions.  First, it was my office and craft room.

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I don’t know what I was thinking with the camo walls.  I also had a little library there in the original room.

In 2013, we decided to combine both of our offices, and I took that opportunity to do a complete overhaul.  I painted the desks white, the walls gray, and I covered the chair to match the new office space.  016.JPG

I actually wrote more about this transformation here, and there is a video room tour.

But what I’ve always wanted was a library.  Originally, the downstair front room was the library, but with Michael’s growing aquarium hobby, it was getting a bit cramped. Michael hasn’t worked from this desk upstairs in over a year, so we decided to forgo that office space and turn my office into more of a library, giving Michael more room downstairs for his aquarium things.  It’s the best of both worlds!


So, I didn’t start taking pictures before I had already done some of the work.  I moved the chair and my office chair out of the room and began wiping down the baseboards and vacuuming as I moved things around.  Wiping down baseboards make such a difference to me.  It makes the room look clean, even if the baseboards need to be touched up (and they do, but that’s a different project and a much bigger one since all of our house’s baseboards probably need to be touched up).


You will also notice that I have an oversized crate in the picture.  I use that crate for various things like behavior fosters from the SPCA or the occasional pet-sitting client (Depending on what that dog is comfortable with.  Sometimes, they come with their own crate or sleeping arrangement).  The crate was moved downstairs into a new space, and Michael’s desk chair and the white bookshelf moved out of the room altogether to make space for the new library.

And here is the finished product!


I moved my desk in front of the window so that it helps with any video conferences I do (like the summer bible study I’m doing right now).  I also hope to make more spontaneous videos in the future and I know that this will enable to do that because I don’t have to work out some weird set up for lighting.  I can just make it at my desk!


And I love my little reading nook.  In April, one of my goals was to organize my books.  I got rid of a lot of them, and Michael was surprised that we actually don’t have a whole lot of books.  None of the bookshelves are extremely full.  That’s not to say that it will stay this way, but for right now, I like the way it all turned out.  Very happy with my new library!

PicMonkey Image.jpg

Do you have any house projects that you completed this summer, or are hoping to complete?

What Should I Do With My Life? Review

What Should I Do with My Life?: The True Story of People Who Answered the Ultimate Question
by Po Bronson

Written in a series of short stories, this book details the lives of people of different backgrounds and passions as they wrestle with this question. Some of the stories end with the people finding a peace in their life’s choices while other stories are left open-ended. It is inspiring, but more in the realization that life is messy and sometimes it can take a while to realize where you want to go, instead of a step by step way of how to figure out your life.

Some of the stories were very dry and hard to get through, despite only being a few pages long. There were stories I could relate to, and others I couldn’t understand very well. Still, I learned through these stories that once you identify your values and what drives you, you will be able to see your own big picture so much clearer. Even if those values and drives aren’t what are deemed acceptable in societal circles.

I like the fact that the people in this book don’t have it all figured out, that they make big mistakes that they don’t bounce back from and that some of them achieve their contentment much later in life. I’ve always felt like I didn’t have that one thing in my life that drives me, and that made me abnormal and weird. But this book celebrates the not knowing. You can have no idea what you want to be or do, but the most important thing is to keep trying to figure it out. Keep trying. Keep failing. Keep figuring.

I would definitely recommend this book, but with the caveat that it is very dense with information. Some of the stories and people are entertaining and relatable. Some are dry and unfortunate. Still, there are some amazing excerpts and quotes that have inspired me, and this will be one book I add to my collection.

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You can see more info on the above book here: http://amzn.to/2fj8yOt