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A Dog Update

It’s been a couple of months since I gave an update on our two pups and how they are doing with our new addition.

Our rat terrier is still apathetic towards the little boy.  I think the only thing she realizes is how much he encroaches on her snuggle time with Michael.  Any time he is sitting on the couch, holding our son, she insists on getting up there with them.  She will even let the boy give her a few pats on the head if it means she can be sitting on Michael’s lap.

Our blue heeler has taken a more active role.  When I’m feeding Sam, he comes into the nursery just to check on us, then goes to sit on his chair in the library (it has become his chair).  He has gotten a bit adventurous with the kisses (and I have wipes on hand now).  He mostly loves to go for the hands, and Sam has responded by attempting to grab his tongue.  Yes, lots of handwashing and monitoring during these interactions.

Sam obviously is responding more to the dogs.  He notices when they walk in front of him or sit beside him.  He’s still hesitant to reach out and touch, but he has been pretty gentle so far.  I look forward to teaching him the right ways to interact with these puppies.  I continue to hope he loves them as much as I do.

How Are The Dogs Doing?

It’s the number one question I get.  So, I thought I would answer that question.


For our rat terrier, the boy is nothing special.  She hasn’t shown much interest in him, only a few sniffs here and there.  The one time she does notice his presence is when our lap is full.  It’s a new experience for her, being that she has been in our family for over 10 years.  She’s not used to sharing, but if we give her a bit of attention at some point during the day (and keep her food coming), she is adjusting well.


For our blue heeler, it has been a little different.  Teddy is a newer addition, himself.  So, he was a lot more curious.  Whenever he can get the chance, he loves to kiss the boy’s feet, and sometimes even noses his head.  And Teddy is so gentle in general, so I’m not worried.  In fact, I am looking forward to the two of them becoming best buds (and getting into all sorts of trouble, I’m sure).

I feel like we lucked out in the canine department.  I’m so glad the transition is going so well.  Of course, we are always vigilant and never leave them in the room together unsupervised.  As gentle as my dogs are, I’m not going to assume they know all baby etiquette right away.

We did bring home the blanket from the hospital so they could smell him before seeing him.  That is the most recommended way to introduce a new baby to your fur babies.  But I think it’s also in knowing the temperament of your dogs and being vigilant during their interactions.

Have you ever had to make these kinds of introductions?  How did they go?

It’s a Doggy Mardi Gras!

I was raised just outside of New Orleans, so today is more than just Tuesday…it’s Mardi Gras!  I have so many memories of going to parades, marching in parades, eating at church crawfish boils, devouring king cake and looking at all the crazy outfits people would wear. Continue reading

Meet Our Pups!

I would like to introduce our two precious puppies!
Jerzee was a rescue from a local Humane Society before Michael and I were even engaged.  (She was my Christmas present right before our engagement).  She is now seven years old.

She is still a bundle energy!  Every night, when Michael gets home from work (or on Sundays when we get home from church), Jerzee starts to bark/howl and then frantically looks for her toy to start play time.  Although to be fair, most of the day is spent sleeping somewhere in the house.

Loco was a rescue dog from a no-kill shelter, however, we did not rescue him from there. His previous owner was a police officer and his fiance (who are now married with kids). In 2010, the officer was accepted to the K9 unit.  That meant that they would inherit a new male dog, so because of the alpha dog complex, they needed to find a new home for their now almost 8-year-old puppy.

We took him in November 2010.  He’s such a laid-back dog who would rather cuddle next to you than run around, although we have seen where he gets his name!  He loves his rope toy, which we call his Binkie, which he holds in his mouth and kneads the floors like a cat.  Also, his cuddling is quite unique because he tends to sit on part of you instead of next to you.  I guess he just wants to get as close as possible!

We have experienced a bit of sibling rivalry.  Jerzee will attack Loco’s ears when he tries to get down (or up) from the couch or the bed.  Loco will tolerate it to a point, and then he snaps once, and Jerzee finds something else to do.  Also, I have figured out if I call Loco, Jerzee comes much faster than if I tried to call Jerzee on her own.

Our pups are so sweet and crazy.  We love them so much!  I’m sure there will be several blogs to follow documenting their crazy antics.  🙂

Now, tell me about your pets!  🙂  Or do you have a favorite memory of a pet you had growing up?