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Stand All The Way Up: Stories of staying in it when you want to burn it all down by Sophie Hudson

First of all, to be perfectly fair, I thought this was a different kind of book. I had never heard of this author, though she has written other books as well. I got this book because of an Instagram recommendation and the title of the book. I thought this was a book about social justice and the evangelical church because those have been one of the types of books I’ve been seeking lately in my nonfiction reads. But this is not that book.

That doesn’t make this a bad book. Each chapter is an essay with funny, light anecdotes and scripture references. It reminded me of the speakers at Ladies day luncheons at church growing up. It’s definitely entertaining, just not the depth that I thought there would be.

Except for the last chapter which touches on the things going on in the world (and this was published in 2020 so it was written before the pandemic). The author makes a point about not being consumed with anger and rage and instead fight for the things that are important in your community and among your neighbors. It ends on a reminder to bring Jesus with you whatever you are, whatever you are doing. Which, honestly, does get lost in the fray on social media, politics, and our every day lives lately.

Overall, it’s definitely a book I would recommend to women who are trying to navigate all the harshness of life and the world as is it is now, while continuing to be in a more traditional, evangelical church setting. I hope the author writes another book that reflects more of what has happened in the last few years with the church and our country as a whole, and how she has navigated the complexities there.