Happy Birthday, Loco!

Today is this one's birthday. We love our Loco-bear.  He gives the best snuggles. Loco is a champion.  When we adopted him, he had heartworms, and we couldn't afford the surgery, so we had to put him on Heartguard and hope for the best.  This is a very risky way to treat heartworms, but he… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Loco!


A Safe Place

Whenever we have a thunderstorm at night, our boxer mix, Loco, sits up on our bed, stares down at us and shakes until we wake up.  He doesn’t calm down until my husband takes him into our master closet, a room with no windows.  It’s his safe place. We also have safe places that we… Continue reading A Safe Place

Meet Our Pups!

I would like to introduce our two precious puppies! Jerzee was a rescue from a local Humane Society before Michael and I were even engaged.  (She was my Christmas present right before our engagement).  She is now seven years old. She is still a bundle energy!  Every night, when Michael gets home from work (or… Continue reading Meet Our Pups!