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Growing Mint

For Valentine’s Day, Michael got me a self-watering indoor garden jar from Modern Sprout.  If you have read either my January Favorites Post or the one from February, you know that I love mint.  So, this particular jar came with mint seeds.  Since I probably won’t be able to garden much this Spring, I’m considering this to be my alternative form of gardening this year.


All of the ingredients were well labeled and the instructions were mostly easy to follow.  I think I had a hard time trying to figure out when the net pot (the pot inside the jar) was to be added, but I don’t think I hurt anything in the way that I did it.


Basically, you fill the mason jar with two cups of water, and then place the net pot inside, making sure the wick is protruding up enough to be able to water the plant.


My favorite part was taking the coco pith disc (that brown circular disc) and placing it on top of the gravel-like grow medium, then slowly wetting it so that it would expand and cover the medium.20180227_102847.jpg


After the coco pith was spread, it was time to add the activated carbon and the mint seeds.  Apparently, the mint seeds were the only herb that you don’t bury in the dirt.


Then, you place the whole thing by the window.  It says I should expect to see sprouts in at least 5 days, but it could take a couple of weeks.  With the crazy weather we have been experiencing, I’m hoping we will be granted a few days of sunshine to really let the seeds sprout.  I will let you know if this ends up being fabulous or an epic fail!