Fall TV: First Impressions

I’ve written about the Fall TV line up before, what I’m enjoying and what I’m not so much.  It’s interesting to go back and see what shows I initially enjoyed that I either don’t watch anymore or have been canceled, but it’s also interesting to see the shows that I have continued to watch from the beginning.


I do have limitations to my TV watching.  First, we have a rule of one hour of TV a night.  Second, we don’t have cable.  We haven’t had cable for the majority of our marriage.  We do have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, plus we have an antenna that gets the major broadcast channels.  Between these four things, we have plenty to watch.

We don’t always get to watch things live (or when they are scheduled on broadcast) which is another limitation.  If we miss something that plays on ABC, NBC, or FOX, then we can usually catch it on Hulu the day after.  But CBS is its own animal.  And you have to pay for that separately, which we are not really prepared to do right now.  So, you might notice a lack of the CBS shows in my list below.

So, now that all of that is out of the way, here are my first impressions for Fall 2017.

Good Doctor / Season 1

The Good Doctor (ABC) – Shawn Murphy is a surgical resident at San Jose t. Bonaventure Hospital.  He is also autistic with a savant syndrome.  The story follows him and the rest of the hospital as they navigate through Murphy’s strengths and weaknesses.  So far, the rest of the cast is slightly two dimensional, as they are building the story around this autistic surgeon.  It’s very interesting, however, and I would like to see them dive into some of the attributes of autism like overstimulation.


The Gifted (FOX) – Set in the Xmen Universe, mutants are now on the run from the government, who have deemed them a threat.  A family is caught in the middle when the parents find out that both of their kids have the mutant gene.  The father, a prosecutor who handles mutant cases, is forced to ally himself with the people he has been building a case against.  I’ve only seen the first episode, and if you have watched any of the trailers, you have seen the basic first episode.  The one thing I find interesting is that the family is portrayed as this strong unit, the parents and kids communicate with each other perfectly.  Even though the daughter hides the fact that she is a mutant, when it comes out, she is accepted unconditionally.  I know that they want us rooting for this family, but they just seem too perfect, at least in this first episode.


The Brave (NBC) – Special task force sent behind enemy lines to rescue people who have been kidnapped.  It’s fast-paced and action-packed.  Lots of fight scenes and stuff exploding.  The first two episodes have had some girl power to them, as well.  There is a girl on the combat team (who shares gratitude with the leader in a stakeout scene that she is treated like anyone else).  And the second episode, the kidnapped woman was not a damsel in distress, but someone who could kick some serious butt.


The Orville (FOX) –  Seth MacFarlane (you know, Family Guy) is the captain of a ship on an exploratory mission in space.  At first, I thought this was going to be a parody of Star Trek, and even though there are a lot of obvious homages to The Next Generation especially, it doesn’t feel like a parody.  Sure, there are a lot of funny moments, but there are some serious subject matters as well.  But overall, being a child of the nineties and loving Star Trek: TNG growing up, I really enjoy this show!


Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC) – I haven’t watched the most recent episode yet, but I did watch the two-hour premiere.  It. Was. So. Slow.  I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t watch the last few episodes of last seasons Agents of Shield yet, but I’m struggling to care about these characters.  A lot of the scenes are predictable or even unnecessary (the one of that scientist packing her bags, I just didn’t get it).  Maybe the storyline will pick up, so I’m not giving up on it yet, but I usually drop a show by mid-season, and I feel like this one will be it.  But for now, I’m just there for Lockjaw (the dog).

Of course, I’m also watching The Good Place (NBC), Speechless (ABC), The Goldbergs (ABC), and Modern Family (ABC), as well as Brooklyn 99 (FOX).  All of these shows are returning this season and they are all short sitcom type shows that I really enjoy.

That’s all we are watching this Fall.  I know This is Us (NBC) is a fan favorite, but with my own life stuff, the timing just isn’t great.  Maybe I will binge watch it a couple years from now when this season of life is over.

Are there any shows that you are watching right now, or excited to see?


Weekly Check In 1/10/2015

This post is just a bit of housekeeping for my blog, little tidbits that I wanted to share from this past week that really don’t make an entire post.  I think I’m going to try and do a check in each week for the month of January, just see how it goes.  If it works out well, then I may do this longer.  I guess it just depends on what’s going on at the moment.

This week was cold.  I realize that cold is quite relative, but for this girl from New Orleans, anything below freezing outside justifies a day spent at home.  I stayed in most of the week, which suited my dogs just fine.  It just meant more snuggling under the blankets.

This may be TMI, just forewarning, but I started my first cycle this week.  It was another reminder of reality, but it also meant that it was one cycle down of the three I have to have before we can look at trying again.  I don’t know that we will actually start trying at that point, though.  I have another emotional check up in March with my doctor that will help with that decision.  Still, it’s good to know that we are moving closer to more possibilities.

Since I stayed in a lot due to the weather, I watched a few Netflix movies.  I enjoyed “In Your Eyes” and “Liberal Arts” enough to watch them all the way through.  Out of those two, I really liked “In Your Eyes” – a sweet, sci-fi type romance that didn’t have the most perfect plotline (hated that the girl was married and fell in love with another man), but it was pretty light and sweet all the same.  Neither are kid friendly, but the “romantic” scenes were handled without complete nudity, which is sad when movies today are almost expected to show a girl’s chest or a man’s butt to really “set the scene.”  But I digress.

Our church is offering a GriefShare class on Wednesday nights.  Michael and I went this past week to check it out.  The class consists of a video, some discussion and a workbook to do throughout the week.  It was good to share our story with the teacher, Curtis.  He has a real heart for ministry and I intend on going back next week as well.

This morning we went to the other side of Dallas for Coral Fest.  My husband is a reef keeper, which basically means that he maintains coral and fish in a saltwater aquarium.  At Coral Fest (as well as a couple other events throughout the year) vendors from all over the country come together to sell pieces of coral (called frags) that they have grown from colonies.  Some of these frags or coral can be sold for hundreds of dollars, and some are sold for ten or twenty bucks, depending on the variety and size.  Michael saves up for these events and purchases pieces for his tank.  He has an eye for selecting beautiful coral and a talent for caring for them once they are added to the tank.  It’s also neat to see the community come together.  There is such a camaraderie at events like this.

This evening, we saw “Night at the Museum 3.”  I wanted to watch something light and fun, and it was.  I really enjoyed that trilogy.  When Robin Williams came on the screen for the first time, there was an audible gasp in the theater.  I definitely cried a little during that scene as well as some other heartfelt scenes towards the end (I won’t spoil it because I think it’s a movie worth watching).  I went to the museum last April, and it was neat to see the exhibits and the front of the museum again.  It’s now on my bucket list to visit the one in London!

So that was my first week of the new year.  I want to thank you again (I’ll probably be saying this a lot – at least until the feelings of overwhelming gratitude and amazement subside) for walking with me through this blog.  Your comments, both in person and online have really encouraged me.  You have definitely made my steps lighter on this journey, and I love you all so much.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.