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My Pet-sitting Helper

I have been pet-sitting on and off for the last couple of years.  It started by just watching a few neighbor’s pets in their homes, and over time, through word of mouth mostly, I’ve been hosting weekend sleepovers with my favorite puppy clients almost every month this year.  Spring Break and July have been my busiest seasons so far, and I’ve been loving it.

One of the concerns I had this year with my pet-sitting was the addition of Teddy to our family.  Teddy comes from a hoarding situation.  Some dogs that come from that kind of environment can be food or toy guarders.  They may not know many manners with humans or dogs.  And they can even exhibit feral qualities.  I was concerned with how Teddy would do with our overnight guests.



But Teddy is amazing.  He shares his toys, plays with patience and manners, and listens to me for directions when he is unsure.  With the high energy pups, he will run them around the backyard in a game of chase. Once he has tired them out, they hang out together under the shade of our tree in the backyard.


He also plays with them inside, letting them crawl all over him.  They love him so much.  He becomes their very best friend.


And even the dogs that aren’t quite sure about him will warm up to him pretty quickly.  It’s amazing to see him adjust his energy to the dog, giving them space when they need it.


The backyard is his domain, but he shares the space well.  Even if the dog isn’t interested in running or playing, Teddy will just hang out.  He is a dog’s dog.  He loves being around other dogs, so he is so happy when another guest comes for a sleepover.


I couldn’t have picked a better dog to help me out with the rambunctious puppies.  I’m so happy and blessed to have Teddy as a part of our family!


Pet-Sitting for Spring Break

On Monday, I wrote about framily, and in particular the family we have in community.  One of those families is our neighbors the Jenkins.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.  They have three amazing kids and they are such wonderful instigators for activities in our neighborhood.  I have had a blast knowing and living life with them.

Sometimes, when we go out of town, their son (and sometimes daughter) will watch Michael’s tanks and our dogs (if we don’t bring the dogs with us).  We also watch their dog, Lexie, when they go out of town as well.  It’s great to know that we have neighbors who look out for us.  We are very blessed to have all neighbors around us.


Recently, I got to watch their sweet dog.  Her fur is like a teddy bear.  And when she runs she kind of hops.  It’s adorable.  It was rainy all week, so when she would come back in from outside, we would dry her off with a microfiber towel.  We loved watching this pup (and taking care of the tanks that their son has, Michael has rubbed off on him!).

Do you watch your neighbors pets/house/kids?

A Little Dog-related Update

Nothing really major has been happening of late in my doggie world, so I thought I would just update all the little random tid-bits.

  • My SPCA volunteering has gone down for the time being due to renovations being made at their shelter site.  All of the dogs have been moved to another SPCA site that is on the other side of the metroplex, making it hard for me to get there easily.
  • I was going to foster a dog with the SPCA starting last week, but the best thing happened.  He got adopted!  I actually wrote about him in an SPCA post (his name was Chico)
  • I continue to pet sit this year more than last year, and I’m loving it.  Right now I’m petsitting but I usually wait until after the family has returned from their vacation to write about it.  So, that may be a future post!
  • My dogs are as crazy as ever.  It’s been raining all week, and while they have a doggie door to give them the freedom to go outside, they prefer to spend most of their time inside when it’s raining.  It’s suppose to rain for the rest of the week as well, so I’m hoping to take them out for a nice long walk once the rain as cleared!

I’m really blessed to be able to do these kinds of things, the kinds of things I love doing.  I’ve always loved dogs and always had them in my life, but now my life is just so amazing, being able to take care of rescues and care for dogs that are part of a family.  It really makes my heart happy.  But best of all, I love my two furry pups who love to snuggle with me on a bad day, help me with my fosters, and follow me on all my adventures.


Do you love dogs?  What is your favorite animal (pet or wild)?  


At the end of last year, I was walking my dog in the neighborhood, when I met one of my neighbors with an adorable Pomeranian.  As with any conversation with me, it went straight to the dogs.  I talked about my foster experience with the SPCA, and she asked if I would be willing to dog sit for her when she goes out of town.  And I jumped at the chance to watch her sweet dog.  I’m honored that she trusts me to take care of her.  She is such a precious pup!


Last week, if you follow me on Snapchat, you will know that I was pet sitting again, this time for a friend from church.  And this is her puppy.20160222_201430.jpg


How could I say no?  I loved having that little ball of fluff in my home.  I feel so blessed to have friends who let me play with their doggies while they are out of town!

Have you ever done any pet-sitting?