Gordon, The Foster Dog

This is Gordon. Gordon was adopted but then surrendered again.  So, the SPCA behaviorist asked me to take Gordon on as a foster to see how he does in the home.  The surrendering family said that he had problems with housetraining.  He is afraid to go outside so I could see how this might be a… Continue reading Gordon, The Foster Dog


Another Happy Ending

We had another wonderful adoption at the SPCA this week... I talked about this lovely a few weeks back.  She's deaf, but oh so smart.  I was told that the family got a sign language book to help communicate.  Granted, dogs speak mostly nonverbal anyway, but it was fun to teach her some signs while… Continue reading Another Happy Ending

First Foster of 2016!

I foster dogs as a behavior foster for the SPCA.  Typically, I work with socialization cases, cases where the dog hasn't had much interaction with humans.  But when there aren't any of those cases, sometimes I pick other needs or behavior issues that need to be addressed through fostering. So this is my new foster.… Continue reading First Foster of 2016!

It’s a Holly Doggy Christmas!

This week, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an SPCA special event.  It's called Home for the Holidays and it's a combination raffle and dog adoption event.  It was my first experience, and we were quite busy! Mainly, I took care of the dogs - feeding them during dinner time and walking them.  I… Continue reading It’s a Holly Doggy Christmas!