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The Princess Switch: Switched Again: A Review

The Princess Switch: Switched Again written by Robin Bernheim and Megan Metzger
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

I went into this movie knowing it was bad, however the first movie was one that I enjoyed last year, so I felt that I should give it a chance. I kept myself from reading or watching any of the reviews to attempt to make a fair judgement about it and, since my expectations were really low, my assessment was that it was not that bad.

Sure, the accents are not great, but at one point, Margaret tells who she thinks is Stacy that her accent is much better (was that a self-aware jab?). Also, side note, why do they have British-type accents as they are both rulers of various kingdoms in Europe that are not the United Kingdom. And the introduction of a third lookalike character was completely unnecessary. Yet, there were some sweet “Hallmark” moments and even a couple of funny things (particularly when Frank ninja chopped one of Fiona’s minions, I’ll admit, I chuckled).

The main plot of this particular sequel is that Margaret Delacourt, the royal who convinced baker Stacy to switch in the first movie, is becoming queen. And the relationship with her love interest from the first movie, Kevin, has ended. So, they needed some way to get them back together, so here is Fiona who is a cousin that magically also looks like Margaret who plots a switch of her own in order to get access to the royal bank account. I felt like this was very convoluted and complicated. I know it would have been boring, but if you just took out the Fiona part of the puzzle, it would have played out fine.

And also, why always make the “Antonio” type character, the other possible love interest for Margaret, shady? Margaret could still have stood on her own as queen and made the same decision. His “Hans from Frozen” kind of flip towards the end was kind of weird. Margaret realizes she is in love with Kevin, that it wouldn’t work with Antonio. She could have made that decision without Antonio being a bad character.

It could have been written better. The plot could have been complicated in other ways. It was a disappointing sequel that probably closed the door to any more (which is probably for the best).

No profanity. Chaste kissing and romantic situations. Violent content includes kidnapping with some type of drugging, but mostly slapstick type violence, punching, rolling large casks, karate chop to the neck.

November Favorites

It’s almost the end of the year!  On to the November Favorites

Book of the Month

I had a few books I really enjoyed this month, but Truly Devious was really good.  And I’m looking forward to the next book in the series in January.  I wrote a review for this book here.


So, originally, I bought this outfit by ZOEREA because I thought his Halloween costume wasn’t going to come in on time.  It actually did serve as a warmer version of his costume, but we have actually just had him wear this on cooler days.  Plus, my husband loves the hat.  He basically wants him to wear this hat all the time.  It is pretty adorable.  You can check it out here.

Beauty and Fashion

Sephora at JC Penny had a face mask sample kit available this month, and I’ve been loving a nice face mask or serum at the end of the day lately.  It’s just a little bit of pampering that helps me relax before going to bed.  I tried this one, which was in the kit, and absolutely loved it.  It really does feel like you are putting dirt on your face, but my skin felt so soft and lovely afterward.  It’s definitely in the running as one of my all time favs.  You can get it for yourself here.


I waited until after Christmas to start indulging on all the sappy Christmas movies.  We don’t get the Lifetime channel, but Netflix seems to be bringing their own game this year.  I’ve seen this one, The Princess Switch, and the Holiday Calendar, and I was surprised that I liked this one better than the other.  Although both have their moments of cheese.

The premise of The Princess Switch is pretty straightforward.  One rich girl who longs to be normal convinces an average girl that happens to look exactly like her to switch places.  And there is a baking competition thrown in (with some very elaborate cakes showcased at the end).  Even though it is completely predictable (which is good with my anxiety), it was really well done.  It’s sweet and a nice hour and a half escape to a far-off village where royalty and sugar cookies are the highlights of the day.

What are some favorites you have been enjoying this month?

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