Thriving in March

February flew by, but I guess that's what to expect from the shortest month of the year. Unfortunately, we had some illness again this month. Ugh, I'm so ready for the sicky season to be over and the sun to come out again! Although, I'm also game for a good snow day if it decides… Continue reading Thriving in March

Thriving in February

Whew. January was incredibly insane for my family. I can't help but wonder if it is an indication of crazy things to come for this year. Our family was out for about half of the month with at least one of us sick. But still, there were definite moments of thriving, even if there were… Continue reading Thriving in February

December Favorites

I know I'm doing this a week early, but next week is going to be crazy.  I'm actually going to take the week off from blogging and videos for the next week so that I can spend time with family and my husband.  We are celebrating our ninth anniversary next week as well, which I'm… Continue reading December Favorites