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DFS: Week 15, Some Housekeeping and the Holidays

The video where I talk about how the Holidays got complicated and changed this year, and the future of these videos after November.

If you are wondering why my dog is in the background in this video (because he usually isn’t), it’s because we are still having some renovations done to the outside of our house, so he was hanging out with me.

Week 6 Update and Doctor’s Visit

Forgive me for not getting this up at the usual time.  The morning sickness this week has been unreal.  I finally got some meds into my system last night, and they are working just a little bit today, enough to get this up and out to you!  I’m very thankful for nausea, though.  It is a reminder that there is a baby growing and developing!  In this week’s update, I went to the doctor and got to see something pretty amazing!