Hollow City: A Review

Hollow City (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #2)Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

This is the second book in the Peculiar Children series. The neat thing about this series is that the author took old modified pictures and wrote a story around the photos. These vintage photos have missing parts to them – people look like they are flying or some of them are just plain creepy.
In the first book, Jacob Portman travels to a little island off the coast of England and meets a group of children with peculiar abilities. Some can fly, others can control fire, and others are invisible or exceptionally strong. They are being hunted by a group of people called the wights who control monsters called hollows. And it turns out Jacob may have a peculiarity that just might save them.
In this book, the children have lost their umbryne leader, Mrs. Peregrine, who can turn into a bird, but for some reason cannot turn back into a human. So, they travel to London to find another umbryne who might be able to help them. The story takes place in the 40s, during the British air raids. I like how the author weaves the historical and the fantastical together, again using these vintage photos to help process the story along. Jacob continues to learn more about who he is and where he belongs. I look forward to reading the final book sometime this year!

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