A Brief Visit To Denton, TX

Michael had some business to do in Denton on Monday night this week, so he offered to take me with him.  We had heard that the downtown area had a few shops and restaurants that would be fun to experience, and it did not disappoint!  Of course, I got a little overwhelmed with everything, and we were on a time crunch, so I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked, but I will share my favorites.


The courthouse was absolutely gorgeous.  Michael told me that the area was settled by Czechs, and I can definitely see the Eastern European influence in the architecture of their courthouse.

More Fun Comics and Games was probably my favorite store.  While their comic book collection wasn’t vast or exhaustive, they had an excellent selection.  And the people who worked there had a serious appreciation for graphic novels which was nice.  Their board game collection was also pretty good.  They had a lot of the games that we play with our friends.


This was the inside of the Recycled Books Records CDs store that was in an old opera house.  It was a literal maze of books.  It wasn’t like the Half Price Books we have here in the DFW area. They didn’t have more recent books available for a discount.  It was just a collection of really old books.  If we had a day to spend, I would love to really dig into some of these shelves, but it’s not really worth a quick visit to me.


Again, I forgot to take an outside picture of Atomic Candy, but this store was another fun one.  It had all sorts of candy, including a pizza that was all candy.  We almost got some dark chocolate treats, but we were headed to dinner so we decided not to get anything this time around.

I didn’t get any pictures of where we ate for dinner because we were eating with some of Michael’s friends who I didn’t know very well.  We ate at LSA Burger which was so good.  Since I can’t do dairy right now, we had the hummus for an appetizer, which I thought was excellent.  And I don’t usually like hummus.  I got the Waylon which is their regular burger, and it was so juicy.  Michael got the chicken tenders and fries.  I had some of the fries and they seemed a bit dry.

As we were leaving, they were setting up for some live music.  It seemed like a fun little place to hang out with friends.  They had both indoor and outdoor seating upstairs where we ate.  They also had indoor seating downstairs as well.


I was very impressed by their souvenir shop.  There is a lot of history and culture packed into this little college town.  Michael’s friends described it as Austin but less pretentious.  I don’t know about that, but it did have a very environmental-friendly, dog-friendly, music-friendly, hipster-esque kind of vibe.  And for the summer on a Monday night, it was a pretty busy downtown area.

The only downside was that there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of antique shops or boutique shops available, which are my favorite stores to peruse.  There were a few, but some were closed and the ones that were open didn’t have a whole lot of variety.  I did get one leash hanger for the dogs.


It was a quick trip, and I liked what I was able to see.  I definitely hope to go back some day, maybe during one of their festivals!

Do you visit small towns in your area?  What do you look for in a downtown/small town visit?

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