Thor Ragnarok: A review

This weekend, Michael and I saw the new Thor movie.

In short, the movie is hilarious, a much lighter movie than the other two Thor movies.  Some great one-liners, well-paced, clever writing.  Just an all around, great movie to see.  Highly recommend.

I find it really interesting, the contrast between Thor’s time on Sakaar versus what is happening on Asgard at the same time.  The cinematography and overall tone are completely different.  Sakaar is lighter, brighter, the fight scenes are almost comical.  On Asgard, the tone is similar to those on the previous two Thor movies – dark, serious, and a lot more death.  And it becomes even more apparent as they switch back and forth between places.

Also, at this point, if you have been watching the Marvel movies, then you know that each one builds off of the ones before and builds up to the ones coming up.  There is a really neat bonus scene at the end that ties into a bonus scene at the end of the last Guardians of the Galaxy movie, kind of a before and after.  Plus, there is a cameo of Dr. Strange towards the beginning of the movie, tying in the two universes.  I love how everything seems to be coming together.

I don’t want to give anything about the movie specifically away.  If you haven’t been watching the Marvel movies at all, I would recommend at least seeing Dr. Strange and the first two Thor movies and the first Avengers movie if you want to understand most of the references made in this one.  I really hope you go see the movie, though!  It’s a really fun ride!

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