Ant-Man and The Wasp: No Spoiler Review

Michael and I don’t really get to go to the movies anymore since the baby was born.  But, thankfully, we have been able to keep up with our Marvel movies so far, thanks to my wonderful mom who came for a visit.


So in the Marvel universe, there are comedies and dramas.  Ant-Man falls under the comedic category, most definitely.  Paul Rudd is hilariously dry and sarcastic.  Also, I have to say that Randall Park was probably my favorite supporting actor, who will always be known to me as Steve, the Asian Jim, from The Office.


While the first Ant-Man was focused more on Scott Lang and his familial relationships, this movie shifted that focus to Hank, Hope, and their missing wife/mother, Janet.  Janet had been lost in the Quantum Void since Hope was a little girl, and they had always hoped one day they might be able to get her back.

One of the themes I love most in a lot of Marvel movies but especially this one is trust.  Trust in your friends.  Trust in yourself.  Scott not only has to rely on others, but he learns to be loyal and trustworthy to his friends as well.

Also, I really like the number of people without superpowers in this movie that have a big impact on the outcome.  Luis was hilarious, but he demonstrated loyalty and authenticity even in really crazy situations.  (The “truth serum” scenes were hilarious).

The only slight critique was the amount of subplot in the movie.  They seemed to distract from each other.  And I felt like the coming together of all of them was a little discombobulated.  It seemed that they tried to fit in a lot into this movie that none of it really stood out.

The movie takes place between Avengers: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.  I would really recommend seeing both of those movies and the first Ant-Man movies before seeing this one.  There are a lot of references to these movies that explain a lot of the plot and themes in this movie.

Whether or not you have seen the other movies, I think you can still enjoy the humor and storyline of this movie.  Plus, the characters are endearing.  It’s not my favorite Marvel movie of all time, but it was definitely a great movie to watch.  4 out of 5 stars.  Definite recommend!


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