Thriving in April

The illnesses continues this month in our household. I feel like we are playing Sicky Bingo this year. So far we have experienced RSV, the Flu, Pink Eye, and a Double Ear Infection. But Spring is here, and with it is sunshine and warmer weather, so hopefully it also signifies the end to all this sick business.

As far as my plans, here is how March went:

  1. Work up to reading 50 pages in a day. I don’t know if I will actually accomplish this, but any excuse to read is definitely something that fits into my definition of thriving.
  2. Continue writing the second chapter, and add a few things to the first chapter. Hopefully, complete both and beginning writing on the third chapter.
  3. Start my garden! I already have the setup done, I just need to plant the seeds at the right time, or ahead of time in the house.

I did accomplish reading 50 pages a day by the last two weeks of the month. Honestly, it took a lot of dedication. I was lucky that I could find Jane Eyre in audio, E-book, and traditional book form so that I could read the story wherever I was – while nursing, before bed, in the early morning, working out. My library was an excellent resource for this. I even got up to 162 pages in a day (I used the traditional book to keep up with the page amount).

I completed the second and third chapters of my book. I’ve written about 7500 words so far. Right now, I’m basically writing chronologically, but I know that I will be going back through and adding memories or little things that I want to include. Plus, I want to figure out the complete purpose of this book. Of course, it’s to tell the story of the last five years, but there are so many directions that story can take, depending on the audience.

The garden is planted! In fact, I just transplanted my watermelon plant that I grew from seed inside. I have posted a few pictures on Instagram, and a few more plants have sprouted since then. I’m still waiting on a few more, however.

Here’s my plan for April thriving:

  1. Begin a reading journal. I kind of started doing this last month to keep track of pages, but I would love to have something that includes notes on what I’m reading to help me when I write my reviews (up until this point, I’ve been doing my reviews mostly from memory). Plus, I would like to continue keeping track of my page count (by the way, April 1st, I only read 12 pages. It was a long, tiring day).
  2. Research more on memoir writing. I am getting to a point in my writing where I need to decide what direction I want to take (as I mentioned above). I got some books out of the library, and I will probably do some research online, but I think I will take a small break from my writing to make sure I’m headed where I want to go.
  3. Finish planting indoors. I have a few hydroponic herbs that Michael got me for Christmas. I need to plant them and get them all set up on my window. I finally have room because I’ve moved the watermelon plant outside.

I will try to post updates throughout the month on these on my Instagram, and of course, have an overview at the end of the month.

Do you have any goals you are trying to reach this month?

3 thoughts on “Thriving in April

  1. Mackenzie

    Ahh I hope you all are 100% better soon. The Spring fevers are not fun this year & last for way too long!

    You did so awesome with your goals!! This is really motivating.

    No doubt you will do well on these next goals you have set out. Can’t wait to hear all about them!

    1. Katy Post author

      Thanks! So far so good on illness, but we still have a lot of April left. Mostly, it’s been a lot of teething, for Sam. Hope you are having a great month!


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