Dash & Lily: A Review

Dash & Lily directed by Fred Savage, Pamela Romanowsky, Brad Silberling
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Yay for more Christmas content (and get ready for more this month, obviously)! This show has all the elements I could possibly want in a cheesy, romantic Christmas movie. This was also the first Christmas themed show that wasn’t a movie, but instead used the TV episodic format to really develop the characters further.

Dash is alone on Christmas. His divorced parents both think he is with the other, so he stays at his dad’s bachelor pad, planning to celebrate the holidays breaking into his dad’s liquor cabinet, catching up on reading, and hanging out at a local pizza place where his best friend works. He hates Christmas.

Lily, on the other hand, loves Christmas. But this year, her parents are going to Fiji for a second honeymoon, so she throws herself into the Christmas holidays. And most of her friends, okay all of her friends, are adults. She seems happy on the outside, but there is more to her story than first impressions.

I loved the story. The fact that it begins with a scavenger hunt through The Strand (a popular indie bookstore in New York). That it continues to explore New York City through various dares written in this book. The friendship to lovers trope. And themes about not just being yourself, but being confident in who you are, and not get caught in how things are supposed to be.

There may be a few words of profanity, but it is not significant. Sexual content includes suggestive scenes of walking in on her brother and a boy under the sheets, some kissing, and lewd humor. There isn’t really any violent content, though Lily does attack a snowman at one point.

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