Heaven is For Real Book Review

Okay, I feel like a heretic for saying this, but I didn’t really get into this book.

Don’t get me wrong, it was an amazing portrayal of God’s love for us, and the messages that God uses children to share.  I guess maybe this wasn’t the right time in my life to read this book.  My friend said that it was because I didn’t have kids that I wasn’t balled in a corner crying in amazement.  Maybe I just want to be surprised about heaven and not have definitive evidence that it exists.  Am I weird for that?

So, the pictures of heaven and the people that he met there didn’t really move me, but what did move me was the comforting message he had for his mother for her miscarriage.  I don’t want to give it away too much, but it was such an incredible message of peace.

Perhaps I will pick the book up again when I have had kids and give it another chance.  That’s probably the advice I would give to anyone interested in reading the book.  If kids aren’t in your picture yet, hold off to read this book until they are.  Although, I say that and there will probably be someone exactly like me who bawled their eyes out.  Read the book, and you decide.  🙂

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