Same Kind of Different as Me Book Review

After reading Heaven is for Real, I thought maybe I had become too worldly to understand God’s power.  I do that sometimes.  I get really involved and focused on one thing, and well, the rest of it kind of fades away.  But that didn’t stop me from picking up this book from the local library.

Oh my goodness, I had no idea how wonderful this book was going to be.  First, I didn’t find it in the religious section of the library (I know my Dewey Decimal system because I was a page during the summer on year in college).  Instead, I found it with the Dallas Fort Worth travel information.  So, I had no idea why this book was recommended to me by pretty much anyone I knew.

In a sentence, this book was one of the most beautiful testimonies of a woman of God, Debbie, carrying out her purpose here on earth, and the love she had and received from the two men in her life.  The book was told through two people, Ron (her husband) and Denver (a homeless man whose life was completely changed by this woman).  Debbie changed their lives and their hearts, and what blossomed was a beautiful friendship between these two unlikely characters.

It’s all about service and selflessness.  This one did make me cry several times for the pain and the joy that these three people went through to change the face of the homeless society in Fort Worth.  If I ever visit there again, I will definitely see it through new eyes.

Even if you aren’t from this area, I encourage you to check out this story.  It’s a wonderful story and truly God blessed.

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