Hex Hall Trilogy Book Review

I think it was Good Reads that recommended this book, based on all the Young Adult supernatural literature I read obsessively.  It was pretty good, reminded me a little of House of Night (although to be fair, I only read the first book in that series).

The story surrounds Sophie.  She grew up with her human mom and didn’t know she was a witch until she turned 12, when all Prodigium (witches, faeries, shape shifters) came into their powers.  Anyway, she misuses her powers, and she ends up in a reformatory school for Prodigium.

She finds out that before she arrived, there was a mysterious death of one of the students.  They all blame it on her roommate (who is a vampire), but something of course doesn’t add up.  Then, slowly, one by one, other witches in the school are getting attacked.  Again, the blame points to the vampire, but not everything is as it seems.

The second book surrounds her relationship with her father and her family history.  Her father is the head of the council that seems to be dwindling in numbers by death.  She learns that not everything in the first book is as it seemed, and she was arranged to be married when she was younger (it brings in that love triangle that so many people love to read about these days).

The third book, of course, resolves everything from the first two books (which boy is she going to end up with, will they vanquish the bad guys, etc).  There are some surprises in this book as well regarding more of her family history on her mother’s side.  I think I read both the second and third book in a day.

The story was really light.  Not all of the questions are answered in the first book, but by the end of the series, everything comes around full circle.  The one thing I actually really liked was that this author doesn’t change any of the folklore surrounding these supernatural beings (like Twilight does as well as other contemporary books).  I like the limitations, and they play well throughout the book.

If you are a really big Twilight/supernatural YA book fan, then I would recommend this series for a nice day on the beach.  But bring the whole series with you, the reading is quite easy.

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