The Dark Night Rises Review

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I have to be honest, the Aurora shooting definitely affected me.  I couldn’t help but think about how similar our crowd was to the crowd at that midnight showing.  There was even a policeman outside the theater, walking the halls, which made me feel a little safer, but still was a grave reminder of what happened just a week before.We went to see this movie for my husband’s birthday, though I am a bit of a comic geek myself, so I was completely looking forward to how they would end this fantastic trilogy.

The movie was pretty good.  It was definitely left more open-ended than I thought the end of a trilogy would be.  The background of some of the characters seemed a bit altered from the way I remember it in the comic books, but I suppose that was to help the plot run smoother.  They weren’t huge changes, anyway.

There was a lot of violence, although it was pretty clean (no blood or gore).  There is a lot of sacrifice and patriotic symbolism, which was interesting.  I had never personally connected Gotham with America, but the two seamed together well.

The profanity wasn’t noticeable, and the one “sex scene” was treated with a lot of prudence (one passionate kiss and then a cut to the girl wrapped in a thick blanket poking at a fire in the fireplace).  So, considering a lot of movies lately that I’ve been afraid to even rent, this one was pretty safe.

I try not to publish any of the plot, although the twists were well done.  I think my favorite character was Selena Kyle (although I always seem to root for the girl “superheroes” in any of the films anyway.  I always feel like they have more complicated pasts).  Anne Hathaway did a decent job capturing the dual nature of Catwoman.

Overall, the Dark Knight trilogy promotes unity and learning to trust and believe in those closest to you.  This third movie is great, if even you haven’t seen the other two.  Though, I would definitely recommend all three.  🙂

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