Book Review: The Little Flowers of St. Francis

I have always been fascinated with religion – my own as well as what other people believe.  Recently, I had a great conversation with this guy at work.  He is Catholic and has a love for God and everything surrounding Him.  Though I’m not Catholic, we seem to find common ground in just about every topic.

I had been to Assisi while on my Italy tour with my Grandma about 7 years ago.  I mentioned it in one of our talks, and my friend said, “Have you read Little Flowers?”  I told him that I had not, and he insisted on letting me borrow his copy.  This book is a compilation of 52 short stories surrounding the life and work of St. Francis.  St. Francis was from Assisi and there is a church there that has his stories painted on the walls.  Basically, he came from a rich family, but left that life behind and embraced a life of poverty and of Christ.

The book reads like the King James Bible.  It is very eloquent and complex, however there is a short summary at the beginning of each chapter to explain what the chapter will relate.  It took me a while to read since I wasn’t used to the language, but it was quite enjoyable.

While I may not believe wholeheartedly in every story as if it were true, it is very clear that this was a well-respected man of faith.  He was very kind, a seeker of God, and was willing to leave a life of comfort to give to the poor.  He affected other men to do the same.  It was quite an interesting read.  The stories range from miracles to temptation to life after death.  It’s interesting to see God through their perspective.  If you are looking for stories about faith, this is definitely a must read!

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