Anticipating April

This has been quite a month, so let’s just jump into it.  First, a look back at March.

I’ve definitely learned a lot this month in my pregnancy.  I’ve learned more about vasa previa, funic presentation, fetal monitoring, and decelerations.  I even had a small trip to the hospital this past month, giving me a good peek into the process for my inevitable delivery.  I’m so thankful for the patient medical staff that has answered every one of my questions.

We did get the house projects accomplished that we planned.  I’m so grateful for this.  First, Michael got his shed built for his hobby.  And then, we finally replaced the floor downstairs and the carpets upstairs.  I’m sure we will have other projects yet to complete, but these were the ones we wanted to make sure were done before the baby was born.

And of course, we have enjoyed some amazing sunshine and warm weather this month as well.  Something I really appreciated especially after being confined to a hospital bed for 48 hours.  One of the first things I did when I got home was just stand in the sunshine.  (By the way, my herb kit is growing quite nicely, but I want to wait for a few more weeks for the sprouts to really grow.)


Now, onto the month of April!


  • Nearing the end of my pregnancy.  Technically, my due date is in May (Mother’s Day to be exact) but if last month taught me anything, it was that this baby could come at any point in the coming weeks.  I’m hoping that I will get a strong end date soon from the doctors, who have been hesitant because they are balancing trying to keep the baby in as long as possible (which is really best for development) with knowing when the baby is saying he’s ready to come out.
  • Getting some good reading time.  Last month was a slow reading month for me.  Some of it had to do with the chaos, but some of it had to do with picking up this one book that so dry, it put me directly into a reading slump.  I’m getting back into the joy of reading, having put that book down for the moment, but I’m hoping that I will finish some books that I started before the baby comes.
  • Organizing Projects.  I still have a few places in the house that need to be put back together after the flooring project was complete.  And we have a few things that we absolutely must purchase before the baby is born.  And I need to get a registry together for those people who have asked about a baby shower because eventually after the baby is born, we do plan on having a “sip and see” at some point (as I mentioned in my week 18 pregnancy update).  I have a lot of people who have asked me about that, so I just wanted to mention that here as well.

I’ve been hesitant, honestly, to do a registry since that was something we did before we lost both of our girls, and even though everything is going really well with this pregnancy, it’s hard to go there just yet.  That being said, that hospital visit definitely lit a fire under me in a lot of ways.  I thought I was nesting before

I can’t believe it’s already April.  I also can’t believe I’m still pregnant, and I am so grateful that I have such an active baby to tell me that everything is still going well in there.  This has been an absolute ride, and I won’t lie.  I’m nervous.  And slightly stressed.  And cautiously excited.

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